Install Guide For Split Face Cladding

Cutting the material - Our split face cladding can be cut with an angle grinder and circular disc blade and/or a tile saw. The individual bricks are adhered to a mesh backing and each tile can be cut as it is on the mesh or you can remove individual bricks using a stanley knife and then cut the individual brick pieces using your tile saw or power tool.

Adhering the material - We recommend using a strong tile adhesive to fix the material. Not ready mixed tub adhesive, the tile adhesive types that come in bags and require mixing with water such as Mapei or Kerakoll. Apply the adhesive to the substrate using a 6mm notched trowel and apply another layer to the back of each tile as you apply them to the wall.

Jointing and corners - Our split face cladding tile interlock with each other so you do not see any joints between the tiles and there is no grouting required. You can interlock the tiles at corners to create a nice external corner without having to use any kind of beading or trim.

Sealing - When using our split face cladding externally or in bathrooms and kitchens we always recommend sealing the material after installation to protect the stone from staining. We sell Universeal stain stop and you will find this in the accessories range of our online shop.

Please watch the video below to learn how to work with our split face cladding.

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