Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our materials and what they can be used for. If you are looking for more information on how to work with our materials please view our install guides (Links in the footer of this page).

Our materials

As the veneers are made from blocks of stone, the top surface is completely natural just like traditional stone and slate tiles. All of our veneers are batched so they come from the same block of stone and the pattern and texture both repeats and evolves as we work through the block.

On the back side is a special mix of fibre glass mesh / cotton and encased in polymer resins which enable our product to be strong, thin, flexible and light weight.

Our Slate veneer sheets can be used for any internal wall application. For internal flooring it has a PE2 rating which means they are suitable for bathroom floors and general low to medium usage residential and commercial areas. They are not suitable for heavy usage floor areas.

It can be used in wet rooms and shower enclosure, but it is important to tank the room before fixing the Slate veneer sheets to ensure the area is water proofed and use the recommended hybrid polymer or epoxy resin based adhesive.

It also important to seal the stone surface for protection and we offer sealers for this.

It is heat resistant up to 120 degrees and has reached fire protection rating Cfl-s1. As long as the area of application does not go over 120 degrees then you can use our slate and stone veneers.

Yes our split face cladding is suitable to use on all fire place projects.

Yes our split face cladding can be used on bathroom and kitchen walls. However the materials must be sealed to protect them from staining. We offer a sealer for this.

Yes our slate veneers (not marble, limestone, metal or concrete) can be used externally. The slate veneers need to be adhered to a level board like external grade cement board, they cannot go directly onto block work.

Our split face cladding can also be used externally (not white marble) and they can be adhered directly onto block or brick work.

Both material types require sealing after installing and we offer a sealer for this.

Using our materials

Our slate veneer can be installed by a capable tiler, joiner or DIY enthusiast, if you do your own tiling and wall papering you will be able to work with our materials. For more information please view our install guide.

If you can do basic tiling you can work with our slit face cladding. Each tile locks into the next making them easy to install. For more information please view our install guide.

This depends on the environment the material is going into. In a lot of cases sealing is required and we offer a range sealers to use to protect your stone.

We supply a care cleaner that is perfect for long term maintenance of your slate and stone veneer, you will find this in our online shop.

Our service

For our main range of slate and stone veneers the standard sheet size is 122 x 61cm and the jumbo sheet size is 240 x 120cm, our multi brick range are 120 x 60cm and our split face cladding are 30.5 x 30.5cm.

For all of our materials that have natural variations from batch to batch we provide sheet images of the current available batch for you to approve before sending your order.

Yes send us your dimensions and / or a rough sketch of the area and we will calculate how much material you need.

Yes you can but this is strictly by appointment only, please contact us to book a meeting.